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IV Courses

IV Consultants

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IV Courses Offered:

Basic Concepts and Technology in IV Therapy

Covering Site selection, venipuncture procedure, patient assesssment, nursing assessment and actions related to routine care and maintenance, clinical considerations, equipment review, hands on practice.

Advanced Concepts and Technology in IV Therapy

Central Venous Catheters, Ports and P.A.S. Ports, site care and maintenance, flushing, syringe selection & PSI, dressing changes, occlusion, catheter repair, blood sample collection, catheteter removal and post insertion complications, hands on practice.

Mid/PICC Insertion

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IV Refresher Course

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IV Inservices:

Additional Courses Available:

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Specialty Services

IV Courses Offered

We have designed our courses for Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and other Practitioners who will be involved in the insertion, care and/or maintenance of intravenous cannulae.

The courses and inservices have been developed to comprehensively cover the professional, legal and practical requirements for extending the scope of professional practice for Nurses and Practitioners to undertake this role.

As our participants go through their learning process, we cover many of the following areas of Risk Management, Legal and Professional Issues, Anatomy and Physiology, Procedure and Complications and a Practical Session.

It is suggested that after completion of our programs and inservices, participants are supervised while they turn their newly learned skill into practice.

Our instructions can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals or specific groups, at your convenience. Please contact our IV Nurse Consultants team to schedule a date soon.